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2 Responses to About

  1. cameran0804 says:

    I think its really funny that your saying all this stuff about the vikings @ there past problems. What about your boy Mark Chmura @ his 17yr old babysitter @ your boy jolly getting caught with 200 grams of codeine so he could make his “sizzurp” @ favre being a pill popper all those years @ extra funny that you are saying they won with all there injurys, new flash clown, EVERY team in the NFL has to deal with all kinds of injuries all year long, so thats no excuse!! I would bet you were one of those fans at week 10 saying the pack has no shot at the super bowl and jumped back on board in the playoffs, you are a joke putting all that stuff on your post about all the stuff that happened in the past, if i spent as much time as you did on google looking all that up, I could come up with all sorts of stuff!!! you are a JOKE!!

    • mountaindont says:

      Dear Mr Bitter Vikings fan, Please feel free to post about the Packers ineptness of the past. I`m sure you will find different things to post as I did about the Vikings both on and off the field. You will see that it pales in comparison to what you will find about the Vikings. Chumra and Jolly are a good place to start. Don`t forget Mossy Cade, oops strike that the Vikings picked him up after the Packers cut him. Also mention about Favre and his pill popping, oops strike that as well , the Vikings picked him up. Not to mention a dozen or so other Packers the Vikings picked up after we cut them . By the way, How did the Favre deal work out for you ? 20 million for last season. The Vikings got what was advertised with Favre. Another well thought out move, Vikings cut Randy Moss after 4 games after giving up a 3rd round draft choice. Just Brilliant! Now of course you seem to be the type that has little defense so you come up with the “don`t you have anything better to do” or pointing out spelling or grammatical errors, how about the ever great “you`re gay” also don`t forget we have nothing to do in Wisconsin and we are all bandwagon fans.
      “EVERY team in the NFL has to deal with all kinds of injuries all year long, so thats no excuse!!” , Who is offering excuses ?? The Packers won the Superbowl! Not sure where you were going on that comment? “extra funny that you are saying they won with all there injurys” Not just me saying it. Look at any credible news network or publication they all said it as well. Point out to me what major news outlet didn`t say it. It`s understandable why you are so bitter about the Packers winning the SB and the Vikings being a train wreck. I`d be upset as well if the Packers were humiliated on national TV losing 31-3 and our players fighting with each other on the sidelines. Not to mention Childress getting fired the next day. It`s all understandable from a Vikings fan point of view.
      In your response please start out by listing for me all the Vikings accomplishments over the past 30 years. Include all Superbowl appearances and NFC Championship records. In fairness you can also list division championships. I`m also a Ohio state fan. I think you will have better ammo criticizing them rather than the Packers.
      The fun thing is that I`m constantly able to update the list of the Vikings ineptness . The gift that keeps giving !
      Ps, January 2011 Everson Griffin being arrested 2 times within 3 days. He was Drunk in public and then 3 days later was tased by the police after trying to run away after being pulled over for suspicion of felony battery.

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